Intertown Transport


Where do you deliver?

What do you deliver?

Our Delivery and collection footprint covers the whole of the Western Cape, the Garden route, Langkloof, Eastern Cape, Southern Cape, Karoo, Old Transkei and Border regions. We have 18 branches and 14 agents. Click here to view the map.

Our 210 vehicles include 4-ton trucks, 8 to 18-ton truck and trailers and 1-ton LDV’s. We transport any size or quantity of boxed freight fit for everyday life. We do not have a limit to individual parcel sizes or weights. No quantity is too big either.

How do I open an account?

Is my parcel insured?

Download and complete the credit application form below or call our office to open an account. We do accommodate those who don’t want to open an account by allowing the parcel receiver to pay cash when the item is delivered.

ITT does not provide insurance for deliveries. All insurable risk is for the owner so contact your current insurer for more information on in-transit insurance for your delivery. All non-insurable risk is for ITT so if the fault is ours we have you covered.

How do I track my parcel?

How to pack a parcel?

Click on the Track Parcel button found at the top of your page and insert the waybill number to track your parcel. Our friendly staff are also available to assist you to track your parcel telephonically.

You are responsible for packing and sealing your parcel. Make sure you choose appropriate cushioning to fill all void spaces. Select the appropriate container that can accommodate proper cushioning. Seal and label your parcel correctly.

Contact us.

    The Old Showgrounds
    Martin Street
    Port Elizabeth
    Tel: +27 41 453 2616
    Email: info@intertown.co.za