Intertown Transport (ITT) was started in 1979 by Peter Bokelmann. Four years later, in 1985, Rob Tomlinson joined Peter and became a shareholder. Rob later became the sole shareholder after the tragic passing of Peter in 1991. Grant Tomlinson, our current MD, joined his brother, Rob, before Rob sold Intertown Transport to John Keates in 1996. Grant became a partner in the business 1 year later. John's son Gavin Keates also became a shareholder in 2004 but in 2012, the current partners, Grant Tomlinson and Jonathan Meyer, bought all of the Keates family's shares.

Our History

  • 1978Founded as Rapid Freight

    Founded by Peter Bokelmann as Rapid Freight
  • 1979Renamed Intertown Transport

    Rapid Freight is proudly renamed Intertown Transport (ITT)
    3 12
  • 1985Emphasis on Affordable Rates

    Deliveries are priced at R12 for the first 15kg!
    Rob Tomlinson joins ITT and becomes a shareholder
  • 1991Priority of Efficient Service

    Free delivery if calls aren't answered within 3 rings!
    Rob becomes sole shareholder; Rob's brother Grant Tomlinson joins
  • 1996-2012A Partnership is Built

    Rob Tomlinson sells his shares to John Keates(1996)
    Grant Tomlinson partners with John (1997)
    John’s son Gavin Keates becomes a partner (2004)
    Johnathan Meyer joins and becomes a partner
    Grant Tomlinson and Jonathan Meyer buy all of the Keates family's shares (2012)
    70 300
  • 2017Service Excellence Continues

    ITT delivers over 2,2 million parcels a year
    "Large enough to handle, small enough to care"
    160 500+

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